Cellar Director

Thierry Gasco was born in 1952 and has a French national degree in oenology. He has been Pommery’s Cellar Director since 1992. This man, who was born and bred in Champagne, was appointed Chief Cellar Director in early 2001. After serving as President of the Champagne Oenologists’ Association for nine years, La Revue du Champagne voted him ‘man of the year’ in 2001.

He has also been President of the French Oenologists’ Association since 2004, after being reappointed to office in 2007, and he holds a position on the CIVC’s Technical and Wine/Safety/Health Commissions. In 2004, he was appointed as a Qualified Personality on the INAO’s National Committee, a position that was renewed in 2007.

Thierry Gasco is head of Vineyard Relations, a position that guarantees grape supply for winemaking and ensures Pommery’s technical and oenological communication within France and internationally. He is in charge of the quality, safety, and environment departments to get staff ready for AFAQ’s ISO 9001 and 14001 audits and oversees continuing improvement, in particular through the Global Compact. 


Making Pommery Champagne

‘Madame Pommery had two words to describe her champagne: cheerful lightness. Taking it one step further, Pommery stands for delicacy and vivacity, heart and spirit, a style made of finesse whose musical score highlights the elegance of aromas before their power. It is a style full of freshness, with notes that come together like a witty dialogue, remaining on the palate with tender flavours. ’
Thierry Gasco, 9th Pommery Cellar Director.

  • The grapes are pressed in traditional presses that contain 4,000 kg of grapes, from which 2,550 litres of juice are extracted.
  • Initial alcoholic fermentation turns the grape juice contained in the vats into wine, under the action of selected yeasts.
  • Several wines made from different varietals, different crus, or different vintages, are blended to create and perpetuate the Pommery style.

Cuvée Louise, heir to a style

The ultimate expression of a genius woman’s personality. Cuvée Louise owes its name to the visionary, avant-garde woman who gave the world a brand-new style, a pure, fine, elegant style all Pommery’s own. 


Clos Pompadour Reims by Thierry Gasco

‘I had long been dreaming of using the largest clos in Champagne, part of the POMMERY estate, and making a wine that would contain all the richness that these vines draw from deep within the chalk. This same chalk, at 30 metres underground, serves as cellars for all our wines. From the vine to the bottle, and throughout each step of the winemaking process, these grapes from the clos in Reims come into contact with the chalk. They are born in the chalky soil and the wines are fermented and blended there, before becoming effervescent and then ageing in the peaceful, enchanting chalk cellars. Now, the wine is ready. It is accomplished. It is there, with the single ambition of showing what great, beautiful products nature has to offer.


How to serve Pommery Champagne

Chill your bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for thirty minutes, or place at the bottom of the refrigerator in a horizontal position for four hours.

Serve chilled, not cold, at 7- 8° C, opening the bottle as follows:

• hold the bottle with one hand and undo the wire cage with the other hand,
• tilt the bottle slightly and turn it, while holding firmly onto the cork,
• pull gently on the cork to keep it from popping out violently.
• fill the glasses halfway so that the wine’s aroma can be fully appreciated.







The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.