The story of Louis Pommery


Could Alexandre Louis Pommery, a former wool trader, have had any inkling of the potential of the champagne wine industry when he went into business with Narcisse Greno. Their young company was developing superior quality wine with of Verzenay, Ay and Bouzy grands crus. Business was booming in England, Belgium and Germany and on September 3rd, 1857, 420 bottles and 300 half-bottles were even shipped to New York! The opening of warehouses in Rotterdam, Antwerp, London and Liverpool was just the start of a developing success story.

Having already taken Europe by storm, thanks to the invention of Brut Champagne, Maison Pommery then focused on the United States. Its excellent marketing strategy across the Atlantic culminated in the presentation of a gigantic 75,000 litre vat at the World’s Fair in St Louis, Missouri on April, 30th 1904. This monumental creation by Emile Gallé was both a technical device and an art object - but above all, it was a formidable PR tool.




It has been part of our history for such a long time that no-one can really say when it started. A hundred years later, her heirs continued the family tradition and acquired land in the legendary Napa Valley and in so doing, embarked on this amazing adventure with sparkling Pommery.

In 2004, it was the turn of Paul-François Vranken to resurrect the incredible quest. The goal? To source wine from across the globe, to identify the land that produces the very best quality grapes for developing a sparkling wine with a distinct identity






Sparkling Wine


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