Thierry Gasco, international wine maker


Thierry Gasco is in charge with perpetuating the Pommery Maison style; he is responsible for the blends of the Maison’s different vintages, like the iconic Brut Royal, Brut Millésimé and Cuvées de Prestige. And no champagne could be more stylish than Cuvée Louise and Cuvée Louise Rosé.

Thierry Gasco has created products that are perfectly in tune with consumer fashions and trends.

Today, the cellar master is pouring all of his know-how and expertise into the design and development of sparkling wines from regions around the globe.

After the creation of the Louis Pommery from California, it will be turn of England and then Japan and why not Argentina.




Thierry Gasco, the ninth Pommery cellar master, returned to the course first charted by the Prince of Polignac at the time when Pommery was acquiring its land. Did he lose heart when the land was resold?

No, especially as his vision was very modern and different. Instead, he spent many years working on developing and implementing a revolutionary new way of encapsulating yeast. This new method results in the clearest, purest wine ever produced because it is completely free of sediment. Wine produced in this way gives off an exceptional aromatic and gustative range.




After a careful selection of the best quality grape supplies by Thierry Gasco before and during the 2015 grape harvests, Louis Pommery sparkling wine was developed using the traditional method, with fermentation in the bottle and ageing on the lees.

As is the Champagne custom, Thierry Gasco had already started the process of vatting the reserve wines from the second year of production.


• Fermentation in the bottle

• Ageing on the lees

• Use of reserve wines (from the second year of production)

The chosen blend is a blend of Chardonnay for 96%, with the other 4% being a hint of Pinot Noir






Sparkling Wine


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