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Brook Andrew, Loop. A Model of how the world operates, 2008

Experience #13 - 2016/2017


Playing with the architecture of this estate, the Gigantesque! exhibition seeks to showcase the excess and extravagance of today’s artists: ideas and research that partake of the colossal, but, at the same time, of the unbelievably tiny, the miniscule. Defying all norms. Out of scale. The gigantesque is the unbridled imagination, the exceeding of all measure.

For the artists, gigantesque is the desire, the new energies, the challenge to create and invent new utopias. Gigantesque, like art and the immensity of the human being.

Découvrir experience Pommery #12

Brook Andrew / Philippe Baudelocque / Lilian Bourgeat / Vincent Carlier / Julian Charriere / Gaëlle Chotard / Choi Jeong Hwa / Michel De Broin / Daniel Firman / Bertrand Gadenne / Séverine Hubard / Guy Limone / Chaim Van Luit / Lee Mingwei / Ivan Navarro / Stephane Thidet / Su Mei Tse / Enrique Ramirez / Sarah Shoenfeld / Soundwalk Collective / Pablo Valbuena

Expository Comissioner
Fabrice Bousteau

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