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Su Mei Tse, Some Airing, 2004-2008

Experience #5 - 2008


As part of the official programme of France’s Presidency of the European Union, Fabrice Bousteau took a look at contemporary creation on the Continent. During the 5th Expérience, Pommery and Beaux-Arts Magazine selected works by some fifty young artists chosen by 27 contemporary art magazine editors from every country in the EU, a testament to Europe’s rich, vibrant art scene.

Découvrir experience Pommery #4

Jana Kalinova / Marco Godinho / Absurd / Sophie Nys / Ivan Moudov / Marina Fulgeri / Zdeno Hlinka / Julie Monaco Dorottya Szabó / Mette Winckelmann / Renzo Martens & Kristina Norman / Personal cinema & the Erasers / Falke Pisano / Eleni Kamma / Lisa Jonasson / Matej Smetana / Zilvinas Landzbergas / Janek Simon / Michal Budny / Raphael Vella / Cyprien Gaillard / Judith Fegerl / Raul Keller / Juozas Laivys / Enrique Marty / Céleste Boursier-Mougenot / Christodoulos Panayiotou / Abigail Lazkoz / Andrea Huszár /Katrina Neiburga / Rada Boukova / Nanna Debois Buhl / Adel Abidin / Su-Mei Tse / Astrid Nippoldt / Bogdan Teodorescu / Michael Sailstorfer / Nicholas Keogh & Paddy Bloomer / João Pedro Vale / Terike Haapoja / Dan Acostioaei / Raul Keller / João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva / Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova / Luiza Margan & Miha Presker / Mark Aerial Waller / Miks Mitrevics / Haris Epaminonda / Linda Quinlan

Expository Comissioner
Fabrice Bousteau

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