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Dewar & Gicquel, sans titre, 2010

Experience #8 - 2010/2011


Pommery paid homage to the ‘September Spring’ to mark the 20th anniversary of this Toulouse event sponsored by the champagne house. For Pommery’s 8th large-scale exhibition, Régis Durand selected spectacular installations, archive images, and projections that evoked the festival’s evening events. An essential retrospective and an invitation to new voyages, looking back at 20 years of art.

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Boris Achour / Valérie Belin / Rhona Bitner / Katinka Bock / Botto e Bruno / Alain Bublex / Les frères Chapuisat / Stéphane Couturier / Björn Dahlem / Dewar & Giquel / Leandro Erlich / Denis Farley / Roland Fischer / Sylvie Fleury / Anna Fox / Michel François / Bertrand Gadenne / Siobhàn Hapaska / Hans Hemmert / Fabrice Hyber / Jürgen Klauke / Jean Lelièvre / Vincent Mauger / Ange Leccia / Zilla Leutenegger / Amy O’Neill / Miguel Angel Rios / Franck Scurti / Marion Tampon-Lajarriette / Stéphane Thidet / Stephen Wilks

Expository Comissioner
Régis Durand

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