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Jacqueline DAURIAC, Vertigo, 2007-2014 © Xavier CLAYES

Experience #15 - 2020/2021


There are positives and negatives in seeing the time fly by. There are the things one remembers and those one forgets. However, in each one of these moments, there is a tiny fraction of ourselves which is left behind … we are only the sum of years of our life, no more and no less. No chance of eternity. After 17 years of your life devoted to the same topic have elapsed, it would seem that the time has come for introspection.

Découvrir experience Pommery #14

Philippe Ramette / Lilian Bourgeat / Pablo Valbuena / Zsofia Keresztes / Enrique Marty / Dominique Blais / Lisa Oppenheim / Hicham Berrada / Richard Fauguet / Mathieu Mercier / Stéphane Thidet / Franck Scurti / Choi Jeong Hwa / Barthélémy Toguo / Paddy Bloomer & Nicolas Keogh / Stephen Wilks / Babak Alebrahim Dehkordi & Payman Baradi / Raul Keller / Philippe Baudelocque / Bertrand Gadenne / Laurent Grasso / Aline Bouvy / Jacqueline Dauriac / Jean-Pierre Formica / Delphine Reist / Olivier Strebelle

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