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Experience #16 - 2022



The Pommery Experience #16 Reveries presents dreaming artists from all over the world in the cellars 30 metres below ground and in the Cellier Pompadour. Here, artists invent other worlds, transporting us to the most magical as well as the most frightening spaces. The exhibition intends to show the landscapes of reverie, its destinations, its textures, its movements, its spectrum and plays with the space of the Cellier Pompadour like a labyrinth with mirror effects. The daydream, where the artists find inspiration, is a reverie which triggers the familiar and the bizarre. We are convinced that we must dream and invent our reality, our everyday life. Visitors to the Domaine Pommery-Vranken enjoy this dream every time they visit, a real sensation of wonder, both for the site with its deepest cellars and for its crazy and unique architecture.

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Carlotta Bailly-borg / Léa Barbazanges / Véronique Béland / Berdaguer & Péjus / Ghyslain Bertholon / Amélie Bertrand / Jean-luc Blanc / Lilian Bourgeat / Anne-flore Cabanis / Julien Carreyn / Nina Childress / Jeong Hwa Choi / Camille Corot / Lauren Coullard / Philippe Decrauzat / Robert Desnos / Étienne Dinet / Florence Doléac / Émile Gallé / Henri Fantin-latour / Luka Fineisen / Isabelle Ferreira / Daniel Firman / Alexandre Guirkinger / Christian Hidaka Gustave / Housez Vidya / Gastaldon Aneta Kajzer / Zsófia Keresztes Ange Leccia / Daniel Mato / Antoine Marquis / Flora Moscovici / Matteo Nasini / Iván Navarro / Philippe Parreno / Javier Pérez / Hugo Pernet / Gerald Petit / Philippe Ramette / Autumn Ramsey / Pascale Rémita / Jean-andré Rixens / Philippe Rousseau / Clément Rodzielski / Lionel Sabatté / Louise Sartor / Skki© / Benjamin Swaim / Stéphane Thidet / Henri Thiérot / Sarah Tritz / Tsai & Yoshikawa / Zohreh Zavareh

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