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Anne-Flore Cabanis, Direction & Aplomb, 2022

Experience #17 - 2023-2024


For the past 20 years, the Domaine has been a vibrant venue for annual exhibitions of contemporary art. The EXPERIENCE POMMERY are innovative exhibitions with essentially original works created by artists from all over the world and of all generations (more than 300 artists have exhibited) in the Gallo-Roman cellars of the Domaine, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Between heritage culture and innovation, this exceptional place continues its transformation to welcome each year an audience of connoisseurs, eager for immersive and varied experiences.
This year will mark the launch of not one but three exhibitions! Next to the Pommery Experience, in the cellars, a new immersive exhibition will open, dedicated to the creation of the first brut champagne in history, born from the creative genius of Madame Pommery in 1874 and remaining the signature of the Maison. The third exhibition will be located at the Villa Demoiselle.
It will feature works from the Reims Museum of Fine Arts (of which Madame Pommery was one of the largest donors) focusing on the representation of the “new” woman of the Belle Epoque with contemporary women artists in the fields of painting, ceramics...

FOREVER... because the Domaine Vranken-Pommery is a unique heritage in the world, a present in effervescence and a future under permanent construction!

Découvrir experience Pommery #16

Louise ABBÉMA / Manuel AMEZTOY / BACHELOT & CARON / Léa BARBAZANGES / Ghyslain BERTHOLON / Bianca BONDI / Pierre BONNARD / Fabricio BORRINI / Virginie BOUDSOCQ / Lilian BOURGEAT / Simon BRODBECK et Lucie de BARBUAT / Anne-Flore CABANIS / CHIACHIO & GIANNONE / Céline CLÉRON / Jacqueline DAURIAC / Mathilde de l’ÉCOTAIS / René de SAINT MARCEAUX / Plamen DEJANOFF / Hélène DUFAU / Charles-Marie DULAC / Isabelle FERREIRA / Luka FINEISEN / Jean-François FOURTOU / LA FRATRIE /Frédérick-Carl FRIESEKE / Emile GALLÉ / Jean-Samuel HALIFI / Lothar HEMPEL / Yeong Hwa CHOI / Anthony JAMES / Julie C.FORTIER / Ernest KALAS / KONRAD /Gaston LATOUCHE / Maxime MAUFRA / Mathieu MERCIER / Giovanni OZZOLA / Raphaëlle PERIA / Laurent PERNOT / Muriel PERSIL / Muriel PERSIL / Gerald PETIT / Michelangelo PISTOLETTO / Armand POINT / Luisanna QUATTRINI / Philippe RAMETTE / Jean-Claude RUGGIRELLO / Elsa SAHAL / Julien SALAUD / Linda SANCHEZ / SCENOCOSME (Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt) /Franck SCURTI / Marinella SENATORE / Renée Thérèse de BARY / Henri THIÉROT / Barthélémy TOGUO / Hsiao-Chi TSAI & Kimiya YOSHIKAWA / Sabrina VITALI / Stephen WILKS

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