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Gérald Petit, Staring, 2006

Experience #3 - 2006


Judicaël Lavrador invited 34 international artists to take part in an unexpected journey to the heart of Pommery’s cellars. Throughout this space odyssey, the works exhibited played on science fiction imagery, evoking space operas, satellites in orbit, and mutant invaders.

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Armando Andrade Tudela / Luc Aubort / Olivier Babin / Francis Baudevin / Lilian Bourgeat / Peter Coffin / Roberto Cuoghi / Stéphane Dafflon / Björn Dahlem / Philippe Decrauzat / Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel / Richard Fauguet / Daniel Firman / Isa Genzken / Bob Gramsma / Loris Gréaud / Jim Isermann / Vincent Kohler / Guillaume Leblon / Vincent Lamouroux / Stéphane Magnin / Didier Marcel / Mathieu Mercier / Laurent Montaron / Heather & Ivan Morison / Petra Mrzyk et Jean-François Moriceau / Bruno Peinado / Diego Perrone / Gerald Petit / Loïc Raguénès / Didier Rittener / Pia Rönicke / Blair Thurman / Pierre Vadi / Xavier Veilhan / David Vincent / Jordan Wolfson

Expository Comissioner
Judicaël Lavrador

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